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We guarantee effective and comprehensive hands-on experience as our management has supplied literally thousands of scrap metal recycling machines around the globe.  Our reputation and history of satisfied companies and clients speaks for itself.  We pride ourselves in helping businesses large and small, to understand how to economically process their scrap with a positive impact on their cost-per-processed-ton-ratio.  The lower the cost the higher the margin, which translates into higher profits.

G.P.S. is leading the way in the global scarp recycling industry. With ever changing markets, our customers need versatile scrap processing equipment on their side and as well as a partner who knows how to accomplish the unthinkable.  Many years in this competitive industry have tough us that processing cost reduction and flexibility are imperative in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

History Timeline.  

1984 Marco Garuti starts his career as a salesman for Italian Lollini International and in just a few years becomes the sales and export manager of that company.  

1997 Marco Garuti heads the European division of US based Sierra International Machinery and creates an international sales network. 2001 Due to the impressive expansion of the distribution network Sierra International Machinery decides to create an European entity to control the rapidly growing sales and service network.  Marco Garuti becomes the Managing Director of Dublin based Sierra Europe Recycling Limited.  

2004 Marco Garuti creates new Lollini International and starts to manufacture mobile AL5000 balers.

2004 Sierra Europe Recycling Limited acquires all shares of New Lollini International and renames the company to Sierra Europe.  Marco Garuti will be the CEO of this company until early 2013.  

2013 Marco Garuti takes on a new challenge and heads G.P.S. srl as the CEO.  

2015 G.P.S. delivers the first machines into Germany.  

2016 Several balers and shear balers have been shipped, G.P.S. has a full order book. 

M-Generation Balers


Versatile and modular Scrap Balers and metal scrap baler for Light Scrap processing or End Of Life Vehicle Baling.  The M-Generation baler series consists of a modular design featuring several different mounting options in order to guarantee ultimate flexibility.  Stationary, Mobile, or even Semi-Mobile, M-Generation balers can be optionally equipped with a bale ejector door and or a loading crane. The M-Generation balers can be electric or diesel driven.  These units can be shipped inside a standard sea container.  Box length available in 5 or 6 meters.

M-Generation Shear Baler

For Small and Mid-Sized Recyling Yards

M-Generation Shear Baler combination series consists of a modular design featuring several different mounting options in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.  Choose between box lengths of 5 or 6 meters and two different shear forces, 550 and 715 tons.  These are at the core options of this scrap shear baler series.  From stationary to semi mobile, the machine can be electric or diesel driven.  It comes with most common options already included in the package but additional options include hydraulic lifting legs, remote control, and an operator cabin.  The machine is able to cut, log and bale a wide range of scrap types and ELV processing.

HS Shear Baler

​Stationary Heavy Series.  Nothing is Impossible!

HS Shear Balers are the true masters of the scrap yard. They have been designed to work in rough environments doing the tough work.  The HS heavy duty scrap shears have been specifically designed for high volume scrap processing.  These versatile and reliable machines are able to shear, log, and bale high quantities of material.  Day in, day out,  HS Shear Baler Series are designed to keep up with your productivity requirements while guaranteeing all the flexibility you may need.  Made of a very robust and heavy construction, they boast all the finest and top of the line components, all aimed at keeping your cost per ton processing cost as low as possible.

Gravity Feed Shear

High Productivity and Continuous Operation



With the Monster 800 or Raptor-4 you will reach the highest possible production levels.  Due to the open and inclined feeding box the machine will guarantee extremely high productivity when used with homogenous materials.  Simply keep feeding the machine, the material will be automatically conveyed towards the shear throat and reduced to size where the continuously operating blade will shear the material during a fully automatic cycle.  The Moster 800 can cut up to 280 times per hour!   

Two or Three Ram Baler

High Density Bales - Robust Design






HS Shear Baler Logger is designed from the ground up for high volume processing and reliability.  Top spec componentry and efficiency are the keys in keeping your cost per ton processed as low as possible.


Over 30 years of experience in the industry on the ground floor with the innovators of shear baler logging equipment, GPS knew exactly what need improvement and where. Failure is not an option.


Over 30 years of experience with this machinery, next generation improvements and upgrades have been integrated which ensure long & efficient operation and maximum ROI.  No shortcuts. 


Variety of models to suit your operation.   Gravity feed shears with shear forces starting at 400 tons. High volume models with shear force up to 1200 tons.