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Copper Recovery Individual Machines

Freestanding Granulator for Cable Recycling


Freestanding Mill

CM50SA is a 50 horsepower cutting mill or granulator that is suitable for processing insulated copper and or aluminum wire.  This stand alone CM50SA features a forged alloy rotor with heavy duty and unique design.  The mill utilizes scissor cutting action, adjustable rotor knives and includes a jig for pre-setting re-sharpened knives outside the mill for fast and easy maintenance.

Cable Granualtor for Cable Recycling


Bare Cutting Mill

While the CM50 is designed to fit onto the Phoenix platform, it can also be purchased without a top or bottom hopper, or with a custom designed hopper to suit your application.  This design flexibility allows the CM50 to suit multiple applications and the compact nature of the design offers unique 3rd party integration opportunities. 

Incline Conveyor for Cable Recycling

Incline Conveyors

Incline conveyor suited for the CM50 is also available in differenet configurations.  Whether you need a special belt, special length, made from special materials such as stainless steel.  We offer standard and custom conveyors to suit.

Custom Conveyors

We can economically produce custom conveyors to suit your specific requirements.  We offer conveyors in carbon and stainless steel with a variety of belt types, sizes, lengths etc. We can do it better for less!

Magnetic Separation

Magnet Conveyors

Phoenix utilizes a magnetic separator conveyor at the very last stage as a standard feature. This ensures product purity.  The last thing you want is for all your work to be sabatoged by tramp ferrous material making its way into your final product!  


Dust Collector

Our DF18 dust filter is available as a stand alone dust collector for multiple applications.  Heavy duty material transport impeller and self-cleaning filter bags by way of integrated vibrator make this one tough filter!  Oversized aluminum alloy dust bin makes taking out the trash easier than ever before! Don't settle for cheap dedusting solutions that use trash bags!  

GS 94

Gravity Separator

Phoenix includes our GS94 Gravity Separator as seen above.  This unique separator offers a flexible way to optimize production.  Three adjustable diverter flaps allow for up to four material output streams which allow the GS94 to uniquely handle comingled aluminum and copper cables simultaneously.  Compact and efficient design with minimal moving parts means low maintenance.

SB15 Dosing Silo for Cable Recycling


Variable Speed Dosing

SB15 Variable Speed Dosing Silo or "Storage Bin" offers the ability to absolutely maximize throughput of the CM50 Cutting Mill and increases separation efficiency.  Even and consistent feeding of the mill and separator is critical to maximizing output. This ultra heavy duty dosing silo features oversized helival bevel gearboxes, and top of the line compon-ents ensuring reliability and endurance.


Fines Recovery Machine

FRM1000 Fines Recovery Machine is an effective, economical, and most importantly - LOW MAINTENANCE - LOW COST - Fast ROI option for recovery of metal fines when cable recycling. Whenver chopping, a very small amount of metal fines are generated. Available as a stand alone unit or as a package with transport equipment to and from the machine as well as a control panel to integrate seamlessly with any Phoenix configuration.

Ultimate Color Sorter

Normally found in Hamos WRS PVC Window recycling plants, color sorting can be used for a number of applications to upgrade your materials. High Resoluiton Full-Color RGB trichromatic cameras allow for near human eye vision precise sorting.  Even small shade differences are detected.

Selecting the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Trust us to match the appropriate equipment to suit your application.

Quantify Quality


Quality is the halmark of every brand we offer. From ISO 9001 quality management process to supply chain management, consistency and reliability are ensured. Real world experience, know-how, and following process have fostered the eveolution of the equipment now available.

European Brands. American Service.

EUROPEAN QUALITY, The best of both worlds.

European goods have always been associated with high quality, and the fine brands offered by Copper Recovery are no exception. Each manufacturer was selected beacuse they offer the absolute best equipment in their category / class and are engineered for long service lives in the harshest of environments. Parts are stocked in California & Europe.

LEGENDARY SERVICE, available when you need it.

More than a cheezy tag line, our LEGENDARY SERVICE is a guarantee to our clients that we will always prioritize thier requirements. It is truly a level of service unknown in the industry typically only found at fine resorts and 5 star hotels.  Serivce or parts, we know what it takes to ensure your success. 


Engineered for success. Equipment we sell is modular and expandable.

Key Attributes


All equipment offered uses dry separation technology. From our chemical free e-waste system to fine particle non-ferrous separation.  Drying is costly, inneficient and unnecessary in todays world.


Expand your processing capacity as your business grows. Never lose your initial investment.  Our systems are scalable to meet your current and future processing throughput requirements.


We sell only industrial grade eqipment engineered for long service life in harsh environments. No consumer grade equipment here. No compromise. Throughtfully designed for easy maintenance.